AIR Center is holding an “Open Day” on the occasion of Uzeyir Hajibeyov's birthday

2020-09-18 16:35

An Open Day on the occasion of the famous Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov's birthday and National Music Day was held in the administrative building of the AIR Center where Uzeyir Hajibeyov's office was located earlier.  The aim of the Open Day event was to draw attention to the fact of Shusha’s occupation which is the temple of Azerbaijani music, the continuation of Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan, as well as inform Azerbaijani public about the great composer’s office room. Ğ

The opening ceremony was held in accordance with the requirements of the special quarantine regime in the country because ofCOVID-19. Ambassador Farid Shafiyev, Chairman of AIR Center noted that the Baku Music Academy has operated in the  AIR Center building, and majority of Baku residents  do not have information about Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s activity in this room.  “Bak ucity has many secrets. The architecture is beautiful, the central streets are rich with historic buildings. However, many people, historians and researchers are unaware of the existence of this room. We thought that we should promote it. This event has also political meaning as many famous Azerbaijani cultural figures, including the great composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov were born in Shusha city. Unfortunately, Shusha and other districts of Azerbaijan are under occupation. The AIR Center deals with various issues of international  relations, and our main work is related to the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. We want to use this significant day and symbolically choose this room to draw the attention of both Azerbaijan and the world community to the fact of occupation  as well as underline that we will never reconcile with occupation of our territories. Our scientific activity aimed at liberation of the occupied territories and returning refugees back to their homes.  

Chairman of the Azerbaijani Community of the Nagorno Karabakh region and MP Tural Ganjaliyev thanked the AIR Center for organizing this event. He noted that Uzeyir Hajibeyov introduced Azerbaijan to the world with his works. He added that “as Karabakh and Shusha resident, he always lived in Azerbaijan, and his works again proved to the world how many talented personalities were born in Azerbaijan.” He also spoke about  his family ties with Shusha city, underlying that Uzeyir Hajibeyov left deep traces in his life. A representative of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan also attended the event. 

Today, the city residents will have the opportunity to visit Uzeyir Hajibeyov's office from 12:00 am. to 17:00 pm. It is worth noting that the visit will be organized in accordance with the requirements of the special quarantine regime. It should be noted that now, the AIR Center is operating in the former building of the Baku Music Academy, Music College named after Asaf Zeynalli. The historic building was built in 1885, and for some time, Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s office was located in this building. About 10years ago, this office space was designed as the office in Uzeyir Hajibeyov's house museum.