AIR Center hosts a seminar titled "Pakistan Today"

On March 17, a seminar titled "Pakistan Today" was organized by the Center of Analysis of International Relations  and the Embassy of Pakistan in Azerbaijan. In his opening speech at the event, AIR Center's Chairman Farid Shafiyev noted that Pakistan is a strategic partner of Azerbaijan and one of the first countries to recognize his country's independence. Farid Shafiyev  also noted that his center is interested in developing relations with Pakistani think-tanks.

Afterwards, Pakistan's ambassador to Azerbaijan, Bilal Haye, made a presentation about his country. He said that there is a lot of misinformation about Pakistan in the world, and the West has distorted Pakistan in its media. According to him, the main priority in Pakistan's domestic policy is to develop a welfare state based on equitable economic security. The ambassador said that his country also pursues a policy of establishing peaceful relations with its neighbors and has made the development of connectivity and partnership a priority.

Touching upon high-level cooperation with Azerbaijan, Bilal Haye called on the Azerbaijani government to invest in the Pakistani market, especially in the IT sector. The ambassador considers relations between Pakistan and Azerbaijan important, touching upon cooperation in the fields of defense, economy, tourism, education and human to human contacts, all important for the further deepening of relations: “I see a great opportunity in investment and bilateral trade with Azerbaijan. Pakistani companies are also looking forward to participating in the reconstruction of the liberated territories."

Noting the importance of organizing direct flights in the development of relations, the diplomat said that AZAL and Pakistan Airlines are ready to open flights between the two countries after the restrictions regarding the pandemic ease. 

The event continued with a question and answer session.