Yusifli Shahin

Leading advisor

(+994 12) 596-82-39

Yusifli Shahin Kamal was born in Zangilan city of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He has a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Baku State University (BSU) and a Master's degree in "Philology (Persian literature)" from the same university. He is is a PhD student at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. His research is focused on the Iranian languages. He worked as a translator-specialist at the Azerbaijan State Translation Center, a laboratory assistant, a senior laboratory assistant, and a teacher at the Department of Iranian Philology of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the BSU. He now works for the BSU as the deputy dean at the Faculty of Oriental Studies and as a leading advisor for the AIR Center. The research areas cover the domestic situation in Iran and Afghanistan and the Iran-Azerbaijan relations.

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