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A conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey was held

2022-05-13 15:42

A conference titled “Shusha Declaration and the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey” to was jointly organized by the AIR Center and Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye (SAM). In his opening remarks the AIR Center Chairman Farid Shafiyev highlighted strategic relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan have always existed, adding that the Shusha Declaration the next stage in the historical relations between the two countries. According to him, a number of strategic steps have been taken to develop relations between the two countries since Azerbaijan’s independence. "Currently, there is a tense geopolitical situation around the South Caucasus. A new vision is needed. New opportunities have emerged in the new geopolitical background. Interest is growing for Azerbaijani gas as well as the importance of the Middle Corridor. "

Director of the Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye (SAM) Ufuk Ulutaş said that for 30 years, Turkish-Azerbaijani relations have developed in all areas and reached an unprecedented level in the world. According to him, the whole world witnessed the brotherhood of the two countries with the Patriotic War and the subsequent signing of the Shusha Declaration. Touching upon the Karabakh issue, Ufuk Ulutaş stressed that the settlement of this conflict will bring prosperity not only to Azerbaijan, but to the entire South Caucasus. He also highlighted economic relations between the two countries serving as an example to the whole world, and especially energy relations giving impetus to the development of the region. “Our goal is to turn the region into an energy hub”.

Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan Cahid Bağcı said that the new reality in the region encouraged countries to pursue new policies. According to him, relations have deepened and expanded over the past 30 years since Azerbaijan gained independence. The Ambassador added that the Shusha Declaration is an important document that crowns the Kars agreement 30 years later. Touching upon the Karabakh issue, Cahid Bağcı said that Turkey stood by Azerbaijan on all international platforms. He added that the two countries joined to ensure justice that the international community could not provide, and in this process, Turkey provided diplomatic and moral support to Azerbaijan.

          Two panel discussion were held during the event. 

            The first panel was moderated by the AIR Center Head of Department Javid Valiyev. At the panel where participated Chairman of the Diplomatic Academy of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Masud Ozcan, Chairman of QAFSAM Araz Aslanli, Director of IRAM Hakki Uygur, Director of Department of History and Archeology at Khazar University Telman Nusratoglu military and political relations between the two countries were discussed. Moderated by Director of the Institute of Economics of ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science) Nazim Imanov and Lecturer at Ankara University of Social Sciences Murad Yeşiltaş, the AIR Center Senior Advisor Shahmar Hajiyev, Trade Counselor of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan Ahmad Erdal and Head of the Department of the Institute of Economics of ANAS Fuad Gambarov the second panel was on energy, transport and economic relations.   

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