07 Apr 2020

Azerbaijan and Russia – Economic Cooperation and its Prospects

In recent years, the bilateral cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan has been intensively and dynamically developed in all directions. Both countries demonstrate solidarity in many issues related to
06 Apr 2020

What is happening with the “peace” in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict?

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has dragged on for three decades without much progress on the part of the mediators to find a fair and durable solution
16 Mar 2020

Developments on the Southern Gas Corridor

On February 28, Baku hosted the SGC Advisory Council. It is worth mentioning that a “Joint Declaration” was signed that stressed the strategic importance of Azerbaijan as a net gas exporter to Europe.
12 Mar 2020

Iran’s economic outreach to South Caucasus

After the killing of Iran general Qasem Suleimani and subsequent escalation between the U.S. and Iran the U.S. imposed new sanctions on manufacturing and metals sectors of Iran.
04 Mar 2020

Azerbaijan and Italy Boost Cooperation in Multiple Domains

On February 19–22, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev paid a historic state visit to Rome, Italy (Azertag, February 19). Before this latest trip, the Azerbaijani leader had made three official and two working visits to Italy.
26 Feb 2020

Shahmar Hajiyev: A Brief Overview Of Azerbaijan's Innovation Endeavours

In recent years the global economic crisis in the world has also affected the Azerbaijani economy. As a result, sharp oil price fluctuations had a negative impact on the national economy. The country's gross domestic product (GDP) decreased by 3.1% and non-oil GDP by 5.8% during the first eight months of 2016. CESD In such circumstances, more suppo
08 Feb 2020

Azerbaijan broadens the horizons of cooperation: balanced foreign policy

Azerbaijan evolving role as an international player capable of accommodating to entities and interests cutting across diverse geographic distances, identities and religions.
06 Feb 2020

Snap Parliamentary Elections: Critical Stage of Azerbaijan’s Political Transformation

In Azerbaijan, the energy-rich South Caucasian country, reform has become a popular buzzword since a few months. The word remained in the headlines of the local media throughout the whole year of 2019 and even, thanks to groundbreaking government reshufflings, started to be more heatedly debated towards the end of the year.
28 Jan 2020

A Year in Review: Azerbaijan Pursues Internal Reforms and External Multilateralism

he politics of Azerbaijan were unusually dynamic in 2019, compared to recent years, shifting dramatically between January and December. President Ilham Aliyev notably continued the transformative reforms he began several years earlier. And almost every month, the Azerbaijani leader caught domestic and international observers by surprise by announci
15 Jan 2020

External Implications of Domestic Reforms in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s political system has gone through a remarkably stable period since 1993 when Heydar Aliyev was elected the President of the then just two-years old republic in gravely troubled times for the country amidst the war with Armenia and tensed domestic situation.
26 Dec 2019

Renewable Energy Renews Azerbaijan’s Energy Strategy

Ever since Azerbaijan, a small oil-rich country in the South Caucasus, signed the “Contract of the Century” in 1994 to propel the implementation of large-scaled energy projects in its immediate, as well as distant, neighborhood, oil and gas have become the dominant commodities that shape the country’s energy strategy.
03 Dec 2019

Geopolitical and economic significance of TANAP

On November 30, 2019, Azerbaijan and Turkey will finalize the second-final phase of the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) which will carry Azeri gas from Shah Deniz (SD) Stage 2 to Turkey and Europe. The official inauguration ceremony of this important energy project was held in June 2018 in the city of Eskisehir, Turkey with the attenda
09 Nov 2019

Monument Dispute in South Caucasus: Why Should It Be Given More Attention?

The global protest movement calling for the permanent removal of memorials that reinforce dangerous or discriminatory ideologies, such as Nazism or racism, express important messages that are, unfortunately, frequently ignored or disregarded. The advocates of the movement rightly argue that memorials are more than historical artefacts: they glorify