A round table titled “The National Leader Heydar Aliyev and the foreign policy of Azerbaijan” was held

2022-05-10 18:40

A roundtable titled “The National Leader Heydar Aliyev and the foreign policy of Azerbaijan” was held on the occasion of 99th birthday of the National leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev. During his speech the AIR Center Chairman Farid Shafiyev stressed that the foundation of internal stability in Azerbaijan was laid by the National Leader. Moreover, he also mentioned that the strategic decisions taken by Heydar Aliyev fostered the development of Azerbaijan during past 20 years.  The rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Urkhan Alakbarov talked about the domestic policy of H.Aliyev and highlighted that he was the founder of inclusive development of Azerbaijan. He also mentioned that this policy has been successfully developed further by the President Ilham Aliyev.

Chairman of the Social Research Center MP Zahid Oruc said that H.Aliyev was “a hero of two formations”. According to him, Heydar Aliyev was a leader, who put the welfare of the people and the state above all else.

Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Elshad Isgandarov speaking about Heydar Aliyev's foreign policy priorities, said that Azerbaijan has been pursuing a balanced foreign policy since his leadership. He also touched upon the issues of economic development and international economic integration carried out by the National Leader. Moreover, he highlighted that it was the successor of Heydar Aliyev’s legacy, the President Ilham Aliyev, who carried out the liberation of the occupied lands of Azerbaijan. The AIR Center Board Member Gulshan Pashayeva spoke about the foreign policy directions prioritized by Heydar Aliyev.