The presentation of the book by Fahreddin Altun titled "Türkiye as a stabilizing power in the age of disorder" was held at the AIR Center

2022-09-30 18:11

The presentation of the book titled " Türkiye as a Stabilizing Power in the Age of Disorder" was held at the AIR Center. The event started with a minute of silence commemorating the soldiers who sacrificed their lives on September 13 as a result of Armenia's attacks.

After, the participants listened to video appeal of the author of the book. Fahreddin Altun mentioned about Azerbaijan’s victory in the 44-day war and the countries aiming to strengthen diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan. He pointed out that the victory of diplomacy today is directly related to the victory achieved by Azerbaijan in the 44-day war. Later on, while elaborating on his book, F. Altun spoke about Islamophobia and talked about the role of Türkiye in achieving peace and reconciliation in the world.

Ambassador of Türkiye to Azerbaijan Cahit Bağcı expressed his condolences to the families of Azerbaijani soldiers who died on September 13, as a result of Armenian military attacks and expressed his support for Azerbaijan.

The Chairman of the AIR Center Farid Shafiyev, explained the purpose of translating the book and pointed out that in his book Fahreddin Altun drew special attention to the activities of the UN Security Council: "The Armenia-Azerbaijan issue will be discussed at the UN Security Council this evening as well. Last time the Council held this meeting in 1995. But in the meantime, during these years the Security Council has not dealt with this issue, even though Azerbaijan has repeatedly appealed to the UN Security Council, but the standard answer to us was that the OSCE deals with this matter. It is also interesting that this meeting is called by the initiative of France. We understand that too. France is worried. And shows its concerns very clearly."

Javid Valiyev, AIR Center head of department, who translated the book to Azerbaijani language, noted that it is possible to fully understand Türkiye's foreign policy while reading the book: "The foreign policy of Türkiye and Azerbaijan is constantly changing. We must constantly coordinate our foreign policies. We must do this especially after the Shusha Declaration. Azerbaijan, like Türkiye, is a country suffering from international injustice. As a justification, we can show four resolutions of the UN Security Council that have not been implemented. We understood the importace of the membership to the Non-Aligned Movement for Azerbaijan's foreign policy when we prevented the adoption of resolutions against Azerbaijan in international organizations. Fahreddin Altun rightly points out that the implementation of the decisions made within the framework of the UN is hindered by the big powers. In this sense, there is a need to establish a new system, a new order. Although the current system reflects the 1950s and 60s, it does not reflect the modern era.”

Later, the event continued with additional questions and discussions.