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The first issue of the Journal of Caucasus Strategic Perspectives (CSP) titled “Non-Aligned Movement and Its Perspective in International Affairs”  has been released (Volue, Issue 1, Summer 2020). The current issue is dedicated to the current dynamics of the NAM, precisely with a focus on the chairmanship of Azerbaijan within the Movement.

The free PDF articles from the issue can be downloaded at the CSP's website via the following link:

The full version of the Journal can be accessed here:

Caucasus Strategic Perspectives is a Baku-based semi-academic journal on foreign policy, published on a biannual basis. It seeks to present global and regional perspectives on issues affecting the Caucasus neighborhood. The journal focuses largely on the role of the region in international contexts and policymaking. The journal includes perspectives from policymakers, area specialists, political activists, and diplomatic professionals along with academics of different countries and backgrounds. CSP is published by the Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center).

The next issue of the journal will be dedicated to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.