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Today, one of the main concerns for the European Union is energy security and how to address any challenges in this direction. The EU has several concerns regarding energy security, primarily the high dependency on external energy suppliers from the Middle East, Africa and Russia. High dependency on a few energy suppliers may threaten the energy market due to increased vulnerability. With this in mind, the core objectives of the EU energy policy are to make the energy supply sustainable, competitive and secure. Thus, basic elements in promoting long term EU energy security, must include, the diversification of suppliers, supply routes and the establishment of a strong common energy market. Therefore, the main strategic objective of the EU in ensuring energy security is supporting multiple projects that seek to accomplish the goals of EU energy policy. Additionally, a close cooperation is needed with the Middle East and especially the Caspian Sea region—a key point in supplying the EU with natural gas from the Caspian Sea and Central Asia.

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