"Diplomacy under the roar of guns", a book authored by Hasan Hasanov was published with the support of the AIR Center

2022-02-08 14:09

"Diplomacy under the roar of guns: the first diplomatic mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan" authored by Hasan Hasanov, the former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, statesman and diplomat, was published with the support of the Center of Analysis of International Relations. The book describes the process of adoption of UN Security Council resolutions and other documents on the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict in 1992-1993. Based on personal experience, Hasan Hasanov, the first head of the Azerbaijani mission to the UN, tells the story about the formation and activities of the mission, including challenges against the backdrop of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.

The book that is published in Russian language is recommended by the Academic Council of the ADA University as a supplementary textbook for students studying international relations.

To read and download the electronic version of the book, use the link below: