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The Center of Analysis of International Relations has prepared an English version of the report titled "Azerbaijanophobia in Armenia: Hostility in the pre-war and post-war discourse of Armenians". The aim of translating the report into different languages is to draw the attention of a wider readership to the topic on a global scale. The report, prepared by the Center of Analysis of International Relations, examines the existence of Azerbaijanophobia in the pre-war and post-war discourse of Armenians. It is noteworthy that the emphasis of the so-called “superiority of Armenians” as a people is immanent in the discourse of Armenians - its primacy, an exclusive role in the evolution of mankind, a talent that is inherent in them, considering their neighbors “backward, ignorant and uncivilized”. The brief overview covers the main definitions of the concepts used, the theory of “Tseghakron” by Garegin Nzhdeh, the policy of inciting hatred against Azerbaijanis and Azerbaijan by the Armenian government; hate speech, sarcasm, prevailing hostility, and dehumanization in the modern discourse of Armenian politicians, public figures and activists, as well as the attitude of ordinary Armenian population towards Azerbaijanis. The report lists four prevailing narratives that include humiliation and dehumanization, religious, civilizational, and “genocidal” aspects that are extensively used as tools for spreading hostility in Armenia, among the diaspora, and beyond. The religious, civilizational, and “genocidal” aspects are also used by the Armenian government to put pressure on the international community in order to achieve its goals. The study demonstrates that the Armenians, focusing on their so-called "own superiority and uniqueness", belittle, humiliate, insult and dehumanize Azerbaijanis and Azerbaijan. Two main images (the image of a “sheep” and the image of a “subhuman” / “non-humans”) of how Armenians describe and perceive Azerbaijanis, are also given as an example in the report and are reflected in the famous satirical cartoon of Armenians “Kill Dim”.

The report can be read and downloaded via the AIR Center's website: