“Empowering Africa in the Age of Global Challenges and Promoting Multilateralism: The Role of the Non-Aligned Movement”

2023-05-18 11:32

On the occasion of Africa Day, an international conference titled "Empowering Africa in the Age of Global Challenges and Promoting Multilateralism: The Role of the Non-Aligned Movement" was held in Baku by the Center of the Analysis of International Relations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. In his introductory remarks, Farid Shafiyev, Chairman of the Board of AIR Center, emphasized that African countries are highly important in the Non-Aligned Movement, and Azerbaijan paid special attention to the subject during its chairmanship in the movement. According to him, African countries supported Azerbaijan and its territorial integrity during the passage of resolutions on Azerbaijan in the UN Security Council both throughout the 30 years and the second Karabakh war. Farid Shafiyev noted that Azerbaijan has strong connections with the countries of northern Africa, and Azerbaijan is also looking into improving relations with the countries of the south.

Araz Azimov, Azerbaijan's Deputy Foreign Minister, noted in his speech that during Azerbaijan's chairmanship in the Non-Aligned Movement, special attention was paid to African countries, particularly their problems. Azerbaijan, he claims, has offered financial aid to African nations as well as funds for education and healthcare. According to Araz Azimov, colonialism is still present in the world and its consequences are seen today. He noted that although some African countries are independent, they have not completely escaped colonialism.

Later, a panel discussion titled "Empowering Africa: Opportunities and Strategies" was moderated by Farid Shafiyev, Chairman of the Board of AIR Center. Speakers at the panel were Professor Mohammed Zakariae Aboueddahab of the International Law and Relations Department of the "Mohammed V" University of Morocco, Khalil Kisse, the president of the NIDEM organization in Mali, and Enoskent Pfidzai Chiutsi, acting deputy director of the Department of Multilateral Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Zimbabwe, discussed the main problems facing Africa, the attitude of the international community to the African issue and development opportunities of the region.

The final panel discussion was moderated by Assistant Professor Maya Vodopivec of the Netherlands' Leiden University. Speakers - member of the Azerbaijani Parliament Tural Ganjaliyev, Professor of African Studies Center of Ankara University Can Umut Ciner, and Khazar University doctoral student Predikt Mutepfe discussed global multilateralism. They addressed the relevance of international issues, such as the importance of the international community working together to solve problems in Africa, as well as the role of the Non-Aligned Movement.